JNX Security is an IT security consulting company based in Belgium, specialized in penetration testing, ethical hacking and application security assessments. Our goal is to help customers in the need of securing their applications and IT environments by uncovering security flaws before cyber criminals or malicious insiders exploit them.

With more than ten years of expertise in the security field, JNX Security gained the mandatory skills to perform security assessments from traditional IT systems (network, web applications, ...) to modern eco-systems that compose the growing "Internet of Things" (IoT) of today.

Our Vision

Behind JNX Security is the willingness to deliver high quality security assessments and when appropriate, accompanying our customers in a post-assessment remediation phase.

Over the past years, we observed multiple causes of failure during security flaws remediation processes (lack of security knowledge, lack of proper follow-up, unclear responsibilities and communication ...). We therefore strongly believe that it is more efficient to allow our security experts to assist your IT staff and developers in order to correct the vulnerabilities we have identified. This approach is also beneficial to customers as their employees gain new security knowledge by working together with the consultant.

In other words: We do not only work for you, but together with you.

Our Specializations

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  • Application Security Assessment
  • Hardware Hacking & Embbed-devices Security Assessment (Internet of Things)
  • Malware Analysis & Reverse Engineering
  • Penetration Testing & Ethical Hacking
  • Spear-Phishing (Social Engineering)
  • Vulnerability Scanning
  • Web Application Security Assessment
  • Wireless Security Assessment